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Aircraft Management

Flex Crew Aviation delivers unsurpassed management, support, and experience to our clients. Find out the variety of ways we can help today.

AirCraft Management

Simplified Aircraft Ownership

Flex Crew Aviation delivers unsurpassed management, support, and experience to our clients. Our Aircraft Management Team has the ability to provide flexible aircraft management solutions to meet the needs of each individual client. We take extreme pride in each aircraft that we manage and treat them as if they were our own. From daily cleaning, maintenance coordination, accounting, pilot staffing and recruitment, our client focused mission is to relieve the responsibilities of aircraft ownership for the client, allowing them to focus on their core business, relying on us to handle the details.

Our Management Approach

Our focus is simple. Keep the clients best interest first and to educate them on the most effective way to accomplish their private aircraft travel needs.  Some of the associated responsibilities our management team provides are:

  • Aircraft and Flight Support Scheduling and Coordination
  • Concierge Services for clients and passengers (hotel, rental car, catering reservations, etc.)
  • Administrative Services such as accounting, reporting, record keeping, and processing aircraft associated invoices
  • Coordinating and continually reviewing aircraft scheduled maintenance at home base and carefully selected contract facilities
  • Supervision of aircraft crews, maintenance, and ground personnel while holding them accountable for established safety procedures and quality control
  • Maintaining FAA Regulatory Compliance
  • Managing Flight Crew training and currency requirements
  • Human Resources

Benefits for Our Clients

Our dedicated staff continuously strives to provide and maintain value to our clients. Through economies of scale, our clients realize significant savings through our fleet pricing and contract negotiations on the aviation related items needed for your aircraft operation. Flex Crew's industry relationships go to work for you on several key areas including:

  • Fuel Pricing - Our team consistently negotiates fuel pricing utilizing our membership in several contract fuel programs and our agreements with several FBO's all over the country.
  • Insurance Rates- Flex Crew's fleet policy provides our managed clients with the best protection and coverage in the industry along with the most competitive premiums offered at fleet discounted rates.
  • Pilot Training – Our crews train at only FAA Approved Facilities and receive discounted rates on top level training events
  • Aircraft Interchange Agreements – We keep you flying, even when your aircraft is scheduled for maintenance. Our team can show and guide you through an aircraft interchange agreement with other aircraft owners to utilize each others aircraft when yours is unavailable.
  • 24-7 Concierge access and scheduling to handle all of your travel details